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eylure lashes

eylure lashes

I am a huge fan of Eylure lashes, I always have them stocked in my kit and when I do occasionally wear lashes myself, I always reach for them. Eylure have added new packaging and released some new lash designs so that everyone can have the perfect set of lashes. 

First up is the Volume lashes which are great for adding depth to the lashes. They are super black, very full and give a perfect party look. 

Next is Texture lashes, these are a little shorter than the others, but they give a really dense finish to the eye. Giving you voluminousness and fuller looking lashes. 

Then we have Pro Lash Individuals perfect for everyday or for bridal makeup, I actually prefer this brand of individualsover brands like Ardell, just because they are softer looking and they come in three sizes, short medium and long, which is better for getting a nautral look on the the eye. 

Lastly is Exaggerate lashes, these are for people who want a pretty full on look. They are very sleek and they have a winged out outer edge to give you a little lift to the eye. Again perfect for a more dramatic party look. 

So there are the new designs, all great quality, just to note the Volume lashes are pre glued so are very easy to apply, the rest do come with some adhesive and the individuals come with some remover as well. I really like the new packaging, gives it a more vintage expensive look to them, which I really love. They are all priced at €6.99 and are available now.  There are 3 other designs in the collection including a natural design which is perfect for beginners. Overall I have nothing but good things to say about these lashes and stay tuned on my youtube channel as I will  be putting some of them in action. 

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