Makeup Removal With Cleansers

Makeup Removal By Cleanser

Lately I have been a little bit more strict with my skincare routine. I used to rely on my micellar water to remove all traces of makeup, but sadly no matter how much I sweep over the face with a cotton pad soaked in micellar solution, there is still traces of makeup so I reintroduced cleansers into my routine. 

Now I have been switching back and forth some cleansers so there is something here for everyone's budget. I start off with removing the bulk of makeup with a micellar water, the one I'm currently using is Garnier versions. Then I go in with one of my selected cleansers. First up is Coconut Oil. Technically not a cleanser but makes a perfect cleansing balm product. I scoop out some product and massage into my skin and it literally melts away all the makeup, then I take my cloth which is a Primark face cloth which I highly recommend, cheap, soft and way better than muslin cloths. Anyway I take the cloth soak in some warm water and remove all my makeup. I don't use coconut oil every night as it can break some people out so I use it around 3 times a week. 

My next product is REN Clarimatte T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel, this is a gentle cleanser for acne prone skin which produces too much sebum so perfect for the oily skin ladies or gents. Its goes on like a gel but then turns into a oily substance, its hard to explain but again it melts away the last traces of makeup. Also I find this really gentle for sensitive skin. 

Now if your on a budget my next product is for you. Botonics Gentle Cleansing Cream Ultra Calm goes on like a typical cleansing cream and it recommends on the bottle you remove with a cotton pad, but I like to make sure I remove all traces of the cleanser so I use the face cloth again. This product is so gentle and perfect for sensitive skin. I have had a massive breakout lately and this is the only thing I can use as it soothes the skin aswell and the best thing its under €10. 

So those are my top cleansers for removing makeup. I tend to stay away from hot cloth cleansers at the moment as I have active breakouts and they just irritate it so gentle, natural cleansers are the way forward for me. Let me know what cleansers you like. 

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