Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed

deep pore cleaning mask

deep pore cleaning mask

I'm up for any product that claims to dig right down into the skin and clear out all the nasty stuff, so when I spotted this on offer in Boots, I popped it into my basket without a second thought. 

Soap And Glory No Clogs Allowed, is a self heating mask that cleans deep down into your skins pores and clears out all the dirt and grime. You simply pop onto dry skin and massage in, then you wet your hands slightly and continue to massage in, the water activates the self heating and turns the mask blue. I don't know about you ('but I'm feeling 22') but I like to feel like my face masks are doing something weather it be tingling, tightening or heating up the face. It gives me that little satisfaction in life.

Anyway you leave the mask on for 15 mins and then you take it off with a warm cloth. If I had to describe this mask in one word it would be amazeballs (and I hate that word) It literally pulls everything out from under your pores and drags it onto the surface...gross I know but so amazing. My skin looks so much clearer after using this and feels so soft. I suffer with blackheads on my left leg, why I don't know, but I applied this to my leg and it is about 80% clearer and that was with one use. 

I mean for a drugstore product this is pretty amazing. I've always liked soaps and glory skincare, but this is on a new level. So if you suffer with blackheads, acne, oily complexion I highly recommend checking this mask out. You will not regret it. It is on the pricey side of drugstore but its really worth the price tag. 

No Clogs Allowed retails for €15/ £11.50 and is available from Boots

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