Makeup Clean Up & Reorganising Tips

Makeup Clean Up & Reorganising Tips

Like most beauty obsessive ladies, we often find ourselves being overwhelmed with makeup. I think one day I counted 6 lipsticks randomly placed around my room. I knew it was time for a clear out. I will admit I have a rather large amount of makeup but in my defence, I do use it for work but even so there was a tonne of stuff I don't think I have used for months. So if you are finding it hard to squeeze you latest purchase into your makeup drawers here are my tips on how to reorganise and clean up what you don't need. 

Clean Up Tips

  1. Pull out all your makeup either it be in drawers or in makeup bags, spread it all out around you so you can see what you have. 
  2. Have 3 sections, a keep section, a donate/sell section and a throw out section. 
  3. Be strict with yourself, if you haven't used the product in the last 6 months and don't think you will anytime soon either toss it or donate it. 
  4. When it comes to foundations, concealers and mascara, they have a shorter life span than the other products so if they are old, throw them out. I mean who really needs 18 different foundations (i have problems)
  5. Before you donate anything sanitise everything, this can be done by wiping with a wet wipe or you can spray some anti bacterial spray over it, just spray from a distance. 
Reorganising Tips

Makeup Clean Up & Reorganising Tips

diy lip palette holder

  1. If you are seriously lacking on space, make a eye palette by depotting single shadows and pop them into palettes, Z Palettes are great for this. I actually depotted my least used drugstore lipsticks. I used a little palette that had screws in which can be bought from most DIY stores. If you want a dedicated post let me know. 
  2. Place everything in sections by categories, this will make things a whole lot easier to find. Have a section for face products, lip products, eye products and tools such as lashes and curlers etc. 
  3. I have muji drawers and a random acrylic drawer that can be found on ebay. These make storing makeup look sleeker. I only store my most used makeup in these, the rest is in my drawer. This step is totally optional.
  4. In larger drawers place separators, this will make it look less messy and keep everything more organised. You can pick cheap and good quality ones up from Ikea and most homeware stores. 
  5. If you don't have any spare cash to buy organisers use what you have, lunch boxes, old christmas sweet tins they all make great makeup storage. You don't need to spend makeup to be organised. 
So there are my tips for a cleaner more organised stash. Let me know how you store your makeup and when you last had a makeup clean out. 

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