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Today I have a review of the new Maxfactor CC Colour Corrector sticks. I was super excited to try these out, I mean who doesn't want a product that cancels out all our imperfections. However I wasn't left that impressed. I will point out I have very oily skin and I honestly thought these would glide on my skin and blend like a dream however I was left a little disappointed. 

The range consist of 5 colours:
  • Beige shade to correct under eye darkness and to generally brighten the skin, 
  • Purple/Lilac to correct dull looking skin and works well to correct yellow under-toned skin issues
  • Green to correct redness
  • Pink to correct dark areas on the skin, such as scarring from acne, under eye etc
  • Yellow/Golden highlight to highlight the skin 
Now I personally like the beige shade to brighten the skin up especially under the eyes, its subtle and looks natural. I also like the pink shade to correct the darker areas on the face, I used it under the eyes and it did a great job of correcting the area. However the rest I didn't like. My main reason is how dry they are, like I mentioned I have oily skin so I would expect them to glide on my skin, but they literally dry so fast you have to work you fingers like never before and then I found they just settled into pores and made them look huge and by the time I applied my foundation over the top  I looked like a pastry, it was a little horrific. 

I won't let this review be all doom and gloom as they are good in the sense they do what they are meant to do. The green one cancels out redness well without leaving a green residue, which I have never gotten before. One that was a little bit of a let down was the highlighter, it looks so pretty swatched on your hand but on the face its just glittery chunky mess. So my final thoughts are this, if you are looking for a product that works well under the eyes these are it, they cancel out the problem areas and stay all day, however if you are looking for a all over the face job, you might not like these as I found them way too drying. Saying that if you suffer with dry skin under they eyes, these wont be your best friend. 

The Maxfactor CC Colour Corrector Sticks retail for €14.99 each and are available now. 

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