New specs from Firmoo

New Specs & Neon Lips
New Specs & Neon Lips
I was asked by Firmoo if I wanted to try out a pair of their glasses, I jumped on the chance as I was in dying need of a new pair of glasses. I have never ordered a pair of glasses on the line (if you know the movie reference just made there, virtual high five) and I didn't even know my prescription, so I just took my strength off my contact lenses probably not the wisest thing to do but that's me. I will admit, I made a massive arse of the order. I added a +2.50 strength in the lens so everything is like super zoomed up close, when I pick something up to read it, its huge. Major Fail. I wear glasses for distance not reading, so you can see how much I messed it up.

Anyways, other than the failed prescription the glasses themselves are really comfortable on, I went with a bigger frame than I usually wear because I wanted to try something a little different. I have to say I actually prefer the bigger frames they sit on my round face better. I also love how they look super nerdy but in a good way. I really love them. The quality of them are great, I love the colour I was worried they would look too purple on but they are really lovely. Highly impressed.

I really wish I had gotten these in the right prescription and I think if you are going to order glasses online get all your details before hand otherwise you will end up like me. There are so many technical terms when it comes to ordering glasses, I was super lost and all though Firmoos website was easy to follow, I still didn't have a clue lesson learned I guess. However I have come to the conclusion that when I get my new pair of glasses in my right strength I will be getting these type of frames.

Overall I really recommend Firmoo, they are so affordable and great quality. I actually own a pair of sunglasses from them and I love them. I did a post on them here if your interested.

What do you think, do they suit me?

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