Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

I have been meaning to review this little sponge for quite some time now. I used to stay well clear of makeup sponges as the last one I bought broke me out so I was a little dubious of using this sponge from RT, but I think in the end I gave into the hype. 

The sponge itself can be used damp or dry, and it has been designed so that there are many uses for it, there is the puffy side that can be used to buff in foundation, then there is the flatter side that is best for larger areas of the face and there is a pointy top with is handy for getting around the nose, spots etc. While the design is there, I don't love this sponge, I don't hate it but its not something I would find myself reaching for. I find that it kind of drags on the skin, I have tried stippling and bouncing product off the skin , but then I get a heavy look to the face so I tried blending foundation out with it  damp and dry and it just drags. Such a shame. 

I have found two uses of this sponge though. First is concealer, it blends out concealer under the eyes like a dream way easier than using your fingers. Another thing I really like it for is just finishing touches to a look. When I've used my foundation brush to apply my foundation, I just tap it over the skin to make sure its all blending in and looks perfected. 

I'm sure there are people who love this sponge and maybe its just the foundation I'm using, but I have used with a light coverage and a higher coverage and gotten the same results. So overall I say this, a perfect sponge for applying and blending  out concealer but for me anyway, I don't like it for foundation. Give me a brush anyday. 

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