Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day Shampoo - Oily Hairs Best Friend

good shampoo for oily hair

I try many shampoos that aim to work for oily hair but sometimes I find its the ones that take you by surprise are the ones that work best. I used to use this shampoo a few years back and then totally forgot about it. I like to switch my shampoo up every week as my hair just gets too used to it. I picked up a bottle of this on my last shopping trip and I have been loving it. 

First off like the majority of Soap & Glory products it smells amazing, the smell is similar to the Righteous Body Butter but a little less scented. However it is very fruity. The main reason why I love this shampoo is because its kinda of drying, now most people might hate that but with a lady with very oily hair using shampoos that are too nourishing is a pain in the arse. I hate washing my hair and by the night time it feels like its smothered in grease or covered in some sort of hair product, so when I use a shampoo like this one it leaves me hair super clean, gets rid of build up and leaves me with cleaner hair for longer, without that end of the day grease look.  In terms of lathering, its not overly lathering but it does foam up enough to actually feel like your doing something to you hair. 

Overall I really love this shampoo, perfect for hair that get product build up quickly and for people with oily hair. You may want to avoid it if you have extremely dry hair but overall it will work for most hair types. 

Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day retails for € 7.75 / £5.50 and can be picked up in boots. 

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