Taking Vitamins To Clear Acne & Scarring

Taking Vitamins To Clear Acne & Scarring

Ever since I have been on a gluten and dairy free diet, I opted to take some vitamins to help with the essentials I was maybe missing from foods I could not eat. After taking them for a few months I noticed a huge dramatic difference in my skin, It looked clearer and appeared healthier. So I thought I would do a post and tell you a little about what each vitamin can do for troubled skin. 

First up is Vitamin C which can be found in foods such as fruit and vegetables. Vitamin C is great for reducing redness in skin, it can help maintain collagen levels so is also great for more mature skin and its a brilliant antioxidant which is important in your day to day life.  Next is Evening Primrose, without getting too personal ladies, these are actually really good for maintaining a healthy menstrual cycle, meaning less pain at the time of the month. Which is something we all would love right? Well taking one a day can do that. I personally take these for that reason and I feel they help with breaking out around my monthly cycle. So if you suffer with that maybe opt for these. 

Moving onto Vitamin E, these were recommend to me by many specialist. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, it also helps protects the cell membranes in your skin, thus helping acne scarring and lastly it helps maintain the levels of natural Vitamin A in your body which is plays an important role in healthy skin. Lastly is Zinc tablets, I highly recommend these for acne scarring. You would be surprised how many people have low levels of zinc in there diet. Zinc is actually plays a huge roll in the body and I'm sure if you typed into google you would find a million reasons to take it. However for acne it does wonders at reducing acne scarring. 

So there is a brief explanation of some vitamins I take to help maintain and help clear up the skin. I still have a some acne scarring on my face at the moment, but we all know that is a long process. I also talked about what your eating could be the course of your acne, I will link the post here. Before you go out and buy all these vitamins make sure its ok with your doctor especially if your on other medication. I know myself with being celieac I can't take vitamin B complex, it gives me the worst cramps, but that could just be my weird body. 

Do you take daily vitamins? 

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