YSL Glossy Stain In Dangerous Pink

glossy pink lip product

When someone says to you 'Glossy Stain' I think most of us think YSL. I am a little late to the band wagon, but now I have got a feel for them I think I am going to have to get more. 

The YSL Glossy Stains* are the 'Don' when it comes to the whole glossy stain market. I know we have all compared various products to them but I feel nothing really comes exactly close to them. First up is the formula, a non sticky glossy liquid lipstick that last forever on the lips, is what gives it the originality from all the other brands. Aswell as the awesome formula, the brush is another little feature that gives it a thumbs up. I will admit I am seeing these type of brushes on most products lately and I have said it before  that these brushes  are a god send. They literally fit perfectly onto the lips and makes application so easy and comfortable. As for the icing on the cake the packaging is so sleek and fancy it really does add a little something. I mean who doesn't like fancy packaging? 
pink glossy lips
pink glossy lipstick
The shade I have is Dangerous Pink, which is a kind of on the raspberry side of pink, its not overly bright, it is more deeper than most pinks I own. In some lights it even looks red and I recently wore it in a video and it looked super red. The trick to these lipsticks is to do one layer for the stain effect, the first coat dries to a matte finish and a second coat gives you a glossy finish. Well I have been applying it that way anyway and couldn't be happier with the results. Overall a really gorgeous product and although they are pricey I feel they are worth the splurge. I really want to pick up another one as they are super nourishing and really long lasting so if you have any shade recommendations let me know. 

*PR Sample

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