5 Makeup Bag Staples

nars concealer, nars bronzer and makeup

I change around the contents of my makeup bag a lot, weather it be eye shadows, blushes or mascaras but there are a few products that never change.

First off is Nars Laguna Bronzer, I bought this over a year ago and I use it everyday and I still have a load left. Its the perfect everyday bronzer without being too orange/ mucky or OTT. Instead it gives you a natural sun kissed look. It does contain the tiniest amount of shimmer but its barley visible to naked eye. Like most Nars face products it is super pigmented and very easy to apply. I can't recommend this enough wheather it be for adding a touch of colour or to contour your cheeks its worth checking out. Next is a brow product from Sleek. I don't seem to bother too much with my brows unless I am going for a very dramatic eye look. However I do like to keep them looking 'sleek'  in the daytime. It comes with a brush on one end which is perfect for grooming the brows into shape and the other end consists of a creamy stick that just fills in gaps and gives the brows a overall polished look. This product has been compared to Hourglass Brow Arch so not bad for under €8. 
nars concealer, nars bronzer and makeup

Next is a holy grail concealer. I have talked about this one before and its Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. This is literally hands down the best concealer I have every tried. It covers everything, looks natural and lasts all day and the best of all the perfect shade for me( shade vanilla) I can find no fault in this concealer. Next is another best I've ever tried product and that is Maxfactor Face Finity All Day Primer. Again I have a full review on this product but in a nutshell it creamy and easy to blend, keeps oil at bay and keeps base makeup on literally all day and when it comes to removal, foundation slides off as its stuck to the primer instead of sunken into your pores. Lastly is a face setting spray. Mac Fix+ is the prefect spray for when you go overboard on the powder or just want to get a more dewy effect to your makeup. I have to admit its not that great in terms of prolonging the wear of your makeup but its does one heck of a job of getting rid of that over powdered look.  

So there are my 5 staple products for any makeup bag. I don't know what I would do without these products being in my beauty regime and for that reason alone I highly recommend them all to you. 

Have you tried any of these products? What are staples in your makeup bag? 

*makeup bag is from boots, purchased last year so not sure its still available. 

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