Charles Worthington Style Setter Dry Shampoo

Charles Worthington Salon At Home Dry Shampoo

As a oily hair victim I try a lot of different dry shampoos, some make the cut and some are so bad they are only fit for the bin. Its does take a few things to make a good dry shampoo and I believe I have found the prefect one in the Charles Worthington version. 

First up the whole Salon at home range from CW is amazing and I have a review of another product coming soon, so with loving the range already I did have high hopes for the dry shampoo and it has passed the test. The product itself smells amazing, like the majority of the range, but I am not too fussy when it comes to scents, it could smell like poo, but if it worked its a good product. However this gets my seal of approval for other reasons.

The major reason is NO WHITE MARKS. There is nothing worst than a dry shampoo giving you 'I've been stuck in an attic' look. I mean seriously who wants white hair that the more you try to blend the worse it gets. Ever notice that some dry shampoos can break down and give you almost 'dandruff' looking hair? Well this one doesn't do that. Praise the lord. 

Another selling point is it actually does remove oil from the hair and leaves it cleaner looking, I can't tell you the amount of Dry Shampoos that do nothing to the hair. It also adds a bit of volume which is always welcome on second day hair. My last reason for its winning status is the fact its doesn't knot up the hair and leave it dry. I find most dry shampoos leave your hair a complete knotted mess especially if you tie the hair up, making washing it the next day a tough task. 

So with all those winning pointers I believe I have found my perfect dry shampoo...well for now anyway, but I do recommend checking it out for yourself. Something tells me you will be impressed. 

Retail Price: €7.99 / £5.99  from Boots

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