Getting The Chop- Short Hair Dont Care

So I cut my hair, I said ages ago I wanted to grow my hair so I could have curls and effortless styles, but I really don't know what happened. My hair just grew so quick since Christmas and I hated it. It lacked shape, style and it was in bad condition. It literally felt gross. So I was lying in bed last week and I was like 'I'm cutting it up short' well not super short as I am going away in a few weeks and I want to able to put it in some snazzy upstyles.

I did remove over 3 inches. It badly needed it and I couldn't be happier. I had a few layers popped in for some good measure. I usually wear my hair curly or slightly wavy, you hardly see my hair straight. Over my years of life lol, I have had my hair shorter than this and I loved it, so I think when I reach my weightloss goal and I am going to do a whole new look for myself but for now this does me. I actually like this length, so who knows I might just keep this length. 

Whatcha think of the new do? You can be brutally honest I wont mind....much. 

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