Lancome Golden Riviera Bronzing Brush

lancome bronzing brush

Part of the Golden Riviera collection Lancome have released a brand new bronzing brush*. Its a pretty large brush, it fits across the palm of my hand with a little extra space. Its made from synthetic hairs, shaped at an angle making it perfect for sculpting the cheek area and is held together with a sturdy base. One of the main reasons why I love this brush is the fact of its uses.
It works great applied to the face for a sunkissed look, as its slanted it works great as contouring, not precise contouring so best not to use a  very dark shade as you may find it difficult to blend it in on a specific location. However its easy to use if you use your everyday bronzer that matches and blends in with your skin perfectly. It also works great on the chest and shoulders. As its a large brush it covers large areas of the body easily and I have even used it on my legs to give them a quick bronzed look as I hate false tanning. 

The results you get with this bronzer brush is amazing, the bronzer you apply just looks so flawless and perfected. You can even use it for face powder and blot that oil in quicker time. One down side and its only small is it take forever to dry as its on the larger side, but if you can get over that, you have yourself the perfect bronzing brush. 

Now the major downside that might turn people off is the price tag,  it comes in at a whopping €35 which I personally think is crazy for one brush, however the quality is amazing, you will get lots of use of it and the look of the products that have been applied with it look amazing. So I do recommend it if you like to splurge but for people who think €35 is crazy like I do, give it a miss. Its not an essential thing to own.

Would you splurge? Is having a perfect bronzing brush important to you?

Retail Price: €35 /£30

*Gifted PR Sample

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