Share the Love Saturday #1

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Ok so I thought I would start a new series where I give a little shout out to some of my fave beauty blogs. Some you may already know about, some may be totally new to you. So to kick it all off I am going to share the love for Shiwashiful Blog.  

I discovered this blog mainly from the writer Tasha leaving comments on my blog posts. I often go through the links left in the comments and follow them and give them a read and I fell in love with Tasha's blog straight away. The blog is a beauty blog, it includes monthly faves, reviews, hauls, empties, nails,  wishlists, basicially everything you need in a beauty blog. Tasha is from Australia, however her blog features brands from all over the world so something tells me she loves to shop, like us all. 

From the content to the photography I simply love this blog. Her hauls make me want to rush out and spend my money. The product reviews Tasha does are so well written and get all the facts you need to know about the product in question. I highly recommend checking this blog out for yourself so you can see how awesome it really is. 

You can check out Tasha's blog over at

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