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I remember back when I was a teenager, I used to be addicted to So....? frangrance. In particularly the So...? Kiss Me version. I think I literally lived in that scent as a teenager. It was affordable and it smelt great. Now call me a granny, but back in my day they only had one or two scents however today they have a number of different scents and I was lucky enough to be sent some to review.

First up is the original So...?* I actually had never tried this one, like I said I was a tad addicted to Kiss Me. So..? is a fruity fragrance, it has hints of oranges and almost citrus scent to it but as it dries in on the skin you can smell a woody vanilla scent. I think people who like fruity scents will love this one. Its perfect for a summers day and its not too overpowering, so you wont be followed by bees. I swear one day I wore a very scented fruity fragrance and I got attacked by bees from all angles (true story). The body spray smells the exact same, so its prefect to pop into your handbag instead of dragging a glass bottle around with you.

cheap perfume

Next is So...? Sexy*. This one is a little more of a mature scent. Upon first spraying it has blackcurrent scent to it but again as it settles into the skin its quite musky. So people who are not a lover of the whole sweet, fruity scents this one will be for you. I just adore the bottle of this one, the lace effect gives it a little edge. I actually love both bottles as the shape gives it almost a vintage look, so makes a perfect dressing table accessory. Again the body spray smells the same and is a great handbag addition. I actually sometimes spray the body sprays over my regular deodorant to get a nicer scent. 

Overall I really do think these perfumes make perfect budget buys for teenagers who want to smell great but can't afford to spend a bomb. Saying that I see no reason why people over the whole teen number can't wear them. The scents are not super long lasting but they do last a decent amount of time. I think for the price you can't really go wrong. I actually might go pick up a bottle of So....? Kiss me to bring back all my childhood memories haha. 

So..? EDT 30ml retails for €6.95
So...? Sexy EDT 30ml retails for €6.95
Body Sprays Retail for €1.99

So...? is available in Boots, Shaws and pharmacies nationwide. 

*PR Sample

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