Barcelona Take 2- The Girly Holiday

HOLA!just thought I would pop up some pics from my trip to Barcelona. As I mentioned in my travel makeup bag post I was off to Barcelona again this time with my Mum. I actually went there last year with my brother, fell in love with the place and had to return.

As both mum and I had been before it was a total relaxation holiday and less touritsty as we had pretty much done all the sightseeing, however I never got to La Sagrada Familia last time as we run out of time so that was on my list of things to do this time and boy let me tell you it did not disappoint. The work that has gone into that place is breathtaking, the city should be proud of it, its real beaut. This holiday mainly consitied of eating, drinking a lot of cocktails and a lot of shopping with me doing some serious damage in Sephora within the first 3 hours....I shouldn't be allowed near that place. 

Places we actually did visit was the Magic Fountains which neither of us had seen before well in action anyway. It actually belted down that night just after the fountains and oh my god I have never seen rain like it. We returned to the hotel looking like we had fallen into the sea. Something else, but worth it none the less. On one day we actually took ourselves off to Stiges which is kind of a resort place that the Spanish go for a break, its a lot different to the busy city and more of a place to unwind, the small quirky streets are very pretty. I also recommend going if you have children the facilitates on the beach is very children orientated and looked great fun. The bus cost us €8 return each for a hour journey so a complete bargain. Of course we hit the shops like no other and hit the cocktails as you do. My favourite place to grab a Sangria is Cafe Zurich right in the centre of  Pla├ža Catalunya its the perfect pit stop and a great chance to unwind and do some people watching while enjoying your beverage and the Sephora is right on the same win. 

This holiday was the perfect getaway and although I walked half of the city and gained 7 very sore blisters I would do it all again. It truly was a holiday I will never forget. If you haven't been to Barcelona yet, you simply must, its a real gem. 

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