Day Soft Contact Lenses

I was paying through the odds for contact lenses it was getting beyond a joke. I was told by the opticians I have very dry eyes, which I don't understand as they constantly water all year round, so with 'dry' eyes come those expensive contact lenses and at €55 a pop for a months supply I was paying €660 a year along with glasses and the odd eye inspection, who knew being blind was so bloody expensive. Now I don't wear contacts everyday but I do wear them often and I was looking online for a cheaper alternative and came across Day Soft Lenses 

I will admit I was a little sceptical at first, why are they cheaper? Will my eyes fall out? Will I end up permanently blind? these are some of the messed up thoughts that ran through my head. I did some research and noticed a lot of people were using them so I ordered 1 box to see how I would get on with them. The website is really easy to use, first off you get the brand you are currently using and pop that into their system plus your strength and they give you their brand alternative. I paid €12.95 for one months supply. Wowza I thought....I still had that 'will my eyes will fall out feeling'.

Ok so are they any good? In one word YES! They are amazing, in fact I prefer them over my other ones, I usually found the other ones would stick to my eyes and by around 5 o'clock of wearing them my eyes would be super blood shot and they were impossible to remove, where these ones feel comfortable for hours, and as they are a little bigger the literally glide out so no more pulling at you eye to get that little guy out.  You might be thinking maybe they are damaging for your eyes, well I have had an eye inspection since wearing them straight for 3 months and nothing showed up so all is good my end. 

As I mentioned they are a little bigger than your average contact lens and people might not like that but I didn't find them weird and within 5 minutes I got used to them. Another thing to note is the packaging, I noticed in peoples reviews that getting them out was impossible, I didn't find this, you basically just bend the foil over and peel back the plastic casing, couldn't be simpler. 

I really do recommend these contact lenses if you are paying a lot for your contacts. I mean getting one thing cheaper in your everyday life is a bonus lets face it. I know they might not work for everyone but just buying one box to see how you get on is worth a shot.

You can shop the website here  

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