Get The Look- Scarlett From Nashville

Get The Look- Scarlett From Nashville
Get The Look- Scarlett From Nashville
 So I may or may not be obsessed with Nashville, I love a good sing song show but a country sing song show is in a whole other league, mainly as the actors are amazing singers and lets face it country music is my secret pleasure. So I had to do a get the look post. I have chosen Scareltt as I do love Rayna, but she does wear some very revealing outfits that aren't to everyone's taste, plus I also think Scarlett's look is a little bit more Tennessee. Its a little more country. So here are the picks I've chosen.

Blue Navy Cardigan:  Topshop
Charm Bracelts: Asos
Blue Frilly Socks: Toshop 
Blue Floral Skirt:  New Look
White lace Dress: New Look
Tan Boots: New Look
Blue Dress:  New Look
Cowboy Hat (thrown in for good measure) : Asos
Brown Belt: Asos
Knitted Ugg Style Boots: Ebay

steal scarlett nashville style

As for Scarlett's makeup, its very fresh, youthful and dewy. You want to opt for a healthy glowing foundation. I have picked Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. You also want to highlight those cheeks, my fave is TheBalm Mary Lou Manizer. As for the eyes Scarlett does keep it pretty simple for the show, sweeping Mac Omega over the lids will probably be enough and its a great colour to create a crease. Lastly for makeup she wears muted pinks so I have picked Revlon Pink In The Afternoon. Of course you can't be Scarlett without her country curls. Grab yourself a curling wand and go wild. 

If you don't watch Nashville I highly recommend it, its nothing like Glee, I find glee way too childish. I mean sometimes I'm convinced they could be weeing and they bust into a song. Whereas Nashville is more mature, the music is better and its not all based on dancing, its more the music and the amazing voices oh and lets not forget the eye candy is spot on. Deacon, Gunner and  Avery! In that order of course. 

Do you watch Nashville? Who is your fave character? Would you wear Scarlett's style?

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