July Beauty Faves

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 Here is a little question for you all, how the hell is it August????? It will be Christmas before we know it and then it will be 2015 and I'll be 24.......not even worth thinking about. Stressful times haha. Anyways I have my faves of the month of July. Didn't love that much this month as I have had severe breakouts due to lactose being sneaky and being in hayfever tablets...my own fault really I should read labels more often. So here are my loves of the month.

July Beauty Faves

I'll start with the odd one out and that's Loom Bands. Yes I am a 10 year old girl who sits in her bedroom making plastic rubber bracelets for all the females in her family. That's me. I am addicted to these, and I am constantly looking online for random colours and designs its like pokemon cards all over again. But seriously if you need a loom band I can hook you up, that's all I'm saying. Moving onto actual beauty products, first we have Urban Decay De Slick. So this may sound strange but we are getting some hot, humid weather in Ireland at the moment and my foundation is literally melting off my face or its breaking down and going patchy. Nothing works as good as this setting spray, it controls the amount of oil produced and keeps the makeup in place all day. Highly recommend for people with oily skin. 

Now for something a little gross, hard skin on feet, we all get it, but its not something we like to talk about. I mean how many conversations have you had about your feet in your lifetime. Not many! Well this tool from Micro Pedi* is literally the best invention ever, its basically a piece of sandpaper (or something similar) that spins really fast which removes all dead, hard skin off your heels leaving you with soft and smooth feet. It truly is that marvellous. The only downside to it is and this sounds gross and apologies if your eating but it has noting to collect the dead removed skin, it just falls on the floor so that's a little annoying. 

July Beauty Faves

Lastly I have been loving a lipstick from the brand Flormar, my brother picked it up in Spain for me, but I believe it was in Ireland, not sure if its still here. The shade is a soft everyday  muted pink with a glossy finish, its very Kim K and its very pretty. It looks perfect on fairer skin and even know its quite nude it doest wash you out.  Finally I have been super slack with makeup like I mentioned but when I have applied some I have just been wearing this Bourjois cream shadow in Petale De Glace, this is a taupe, champagne shade that looks so effortless on the eyes and it lasts a good amount of time on the eyes aswell. The perfect lazy girl product. 

So there are my faves for the month of July. Seriously where is this year going? What have you been loving this month? 

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