July Non Beauty Faves- Tv Shows & Music

Ray donovan, nashville, the office us

As well as beauty, I do like to tell you guys about what else I have been loving this month. Mostly its tv shows some new and some olds and of course there had to be an album thrown in there aswell. So here are my non beauty faves for the month of July. 

First up is Ray Donovan, season 2 returned this month and I love it already. The show is basically about Ray and his family. Ray is the kind of guy who clears shit up and gets things done. Its kind of hard to describe it without giving too much of the plot away. My fave character is Mickey, he is brilliant and the whole show in general is amazing. I don't hear a lot of people talking about it, show I really recommend giving it a go. You be surprised how sucked in you will get. Something new and exciting happens each week.

Next, I finally finished the Office US. I sneakily got my Netflix to the american version and I caught up on the last two seasons and  oh boy there was tears. Its sad to think they don't make this show anymore. I get way too involved, but its the kind of show that never fails to make me laugh no matter how many times I watch it. Dwight is by far my fave character. I mean I love Michael but Dwight is just so dramatic and random its too funny. The finale was amazing, and it closed up the show nicely. 

Another show I have been loving this month is Nashville. Now this is new to me. I love country music, so I am shocked I never watched this sooner. I finished a whole season in under 1 month and I love it. If your not a fan of a music based show, I think you will still enjoy it as they don't break into song every five minutes or anything, they sing in the right places if that makes sense. I doubt it does haha. Anyway a great show packed with some awesome singers, great songs and some serious eye candy. 

Lastly this month I have been loving and I mean loving Ed Sheeran's new album X. Ok so this album seriously made me fall in love with Ed,  I never really liked his first album, no offence. However this album is just perfect, a mix of slow songs, face paced songs and the odd random songs that you wouldn't expect from Mr Sheeran himself. I really think this is the best album so far this year. Love love love it. Oh and the song Photograph  is just perfecto!.

So there are my non beauty faves of the month. What have you loved this month?

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