Makeup Pet Peeves - How Not To Do Your Makeup

As a makeup artist and a lover of beauty I often cringe when I see someone's dodgy looking makeup. So I thought for the fun I would do a post on it. I'm sure some of you will agree with some of these makeup trends/ mistakes that some people make. 

Ok so I'll start with the obvious, foundation that clearly doesn't match your skintone. This is a huge pet peeve. I think there should be a sign on foundations that state this is not meant to add colour to your face! Foundation is meant to even out your skintone, why do some people feel the need to go 4 shades up the scale? I even see it on some makeup counter people so maybe they are to blame...who knows I blame The Only Way Is Essex. 

Moving onto the eyebrows, unless you have really sparse brows you don't need to go crazy filling them in. I'm not talking about filling in the gaps or making them a little longer, I'm talking full on slugs. The amount of square brows are crazy. I once was in a queue in Alton Towers and I seen the biggest eyebrows known to man kind and they were jet was scary. People with those scary brows that make you look angry...please stop. 

Onto something a little controversial....Liquid Eyeliner. I know it takes practise to perfect a winged liner but some I see are just ridiculous. Its like they really don't care. Wings going up to the eyebrows, wings going down inside of out. The list goes on. 

Onto contouring. Oh lord! I'm sure I'm not alone when it comes to seeing people with two brown smudge marks down the side of their cheeks. Or marks going from the ear to the mouth. Unless its Heath Ledger Joker Inspired its not ok. 

Lastly is lip liner that looks so out of place. I mean lip liner is fine as long as it matches the lip shade you are wearing. What's with the nude liner and dark lips....I don't get it. Its ok if your a 90's Pop Star I suppose. Little side note, the lips are slightly overdrawn in the picture as it wouldn't show on camera.

So there are my makeup pet peeves. Hope you enjoyed this style of post. It was fun to create this sexy look on my face. Let me know your makeup pet peeves. 

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