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Using your products for more than their original uses can save you money and also save some room in your suitcase if you travel. Today I have gathered some products that can be used for more than their intended use and also got some tips and tricks to make your everyday beauty regime quicker and easier. 

First up is Brown Eyeliner this can be used to define the eyes of course but it can also be used to fill in sparse brows depending on the shade of brown you own. It can also be used to create a smudge proof, simple and quick smokey eye by just applying to your eye and blending out you got yourself a fool proof eye look. Another use for brown eyeliner is to contour, again this depends on the type of brown you use, but popping the eye-liner in the hollow of the cheeks and blending out can give you a soft contour look. 

Next is Lipstick. You probably have heard this one but you can easily pop your lipstick onto you cheeks for a flush of colour. Also it gives you that matching lip and cheek look, which is obviously personal preference but I think it can look nice sometimes.  

Moving onto Translucent Powder. This has many uses, firstly its made to combat oily and keep your makeup in place all day. Another use it has is it lock in your lipstick shade. Simple apply your lip colour, brush over a light coat of powder then reapply the lipstick. I can guarantee it will keep your lippie on longer. Another use it has is to tone down over done makeup. Ever found yourself with overdone blush? Well simply blend it out with a little translucent powder to get rid of that clown look. Lastly translucent powder can be used to combat oil on the hair line. Pop this onto your roots next time you want to skip washing it. 

Looking for that perfect shade of highlighter??? Why not use your favourite Shimmering Eyeshadow. You will be surprised how many of your eyeshadows can look great on the top of the cheek bones. 

Lastly is a little random and its Hairspray. Its main use is to extend a hairstyle, but it does have other uses. If you have very unruly eyebrows, spray a little onto a spooley and brush through the brows to lock the hairs into place. I also read somewhere it can fix a ladder on a pair of tights so next time you see a ladder spray a little to the root of the ladder and voila no more embarrassing moments.

So there are my fave multi use beauty products. What do you use that have more than one use? Do you use any of these beauty hacks? 

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