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cocker spaniels

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cocker spaniels

cocker spaniels

So I thought I would do an update post on Dexter and show you all how much he has grown and tell you about what's he has been up to. Dexter is 17 weeks old now, he is practically the same height as Kenzie, but still a lot smaller as he still has his puppy body. He will defiantly be a bigger Cocker Spaniel than Kenzie. 

Since I last posted Dexter updates he has had all his injections, been on his first walk and goes day and night now, he loves it and is very well behaved on his lead...not like his big brother, one thing he hasn't figured out is having a wee while he is out on his walk, he likes to wait till he gets home to do it, god knows what that's about. He is also on his radio collar full time and is allowed out the front garden, but with supervision, as he like to eat everything he sees. Hence numerous vet trips and chicken and rice diets. Other than his eating everything antics he is well behaved really, yes he chews things and takes everything back to his bed to eat but he is fully trained in terms of house training and so far hasn't done any damage inside the house...touch wood that is. 

Kenzie seems to love him, except he does flip when Dexter goes near his cuddly toys. I think we all know Kenzie is not one to share. Also Kenzie is going through that mine mine mine phrase. Which I think is a little odd for a 3 year old dog, but then again he has never had to share before so that's probably why. 

I had to include that third picture, it was too funny, it looks like he has seen something that he really didn't like the look of and he is about to throw up haha....classic photo. I can't imagine not having him in our lives now, he is a little mischief handful but I wouldn't change him for the world. 

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