Repurchase Worthy Beauty Products #1

So you may or may not know I buy a lot of makeup. I mean most of us girls do these days. So I think when you repurchase a product it means the product is pretty darn special right? So I thought I would dedicate a whole post to it, to show you the products I have bought time and and time again. 

Revlon Colourstay €17.79 I think over my life time I have bought around 15 bottles of this stuff. I love it. Its the only foundation that stays put with oily skin and its the only drugstore foundation that has good coverage without being too orange. Now I know its a love/ hate product for some people but I think if applied lightly it can look really gorgeous on the skin. Well I love it anyway and highly recommmend it to anyone who wants great staying power and good coverage. 

OPI Nail Envy  €24.25: Before you think Jesus that's expensive, I will let you on a little secret, never buy this at full price. TK Maxx always have it thrown among the beauty section and you can pick it up for around €12. Anyway price aside this is the only product that helps my nails stay strong and gets them growing again after I bite them all down, which happens a lot. Don't know what's in this stuff but applying it every other day gets your nails in top notch condition. 

Nars Laguna Bronzer: €38.57This is my all time favourite Bronzer. Its not too orange or muddy and its looks awesome on paler skin. I will literally only use this bronzer and granted the only reason I bought this bronzer again was because I dropped the other one and its smashed everywhere...this stuff is not strong, the amount of times I've damaged it. However its a perfect matte-ish (contains the slightest shimmer but not visible once on) bronzer that looks great on the skin to add a summery glow and is also perfect for contouring. 

Mac MSF Natural €30:  I know this is an expensive setting powder and everytime I go to buy it, it seems to go up and up, however its the most beautiful powder for so many reasons. First its so natural looking on the skin, no matter how much you apply it just looks gorge. Next it gives you flawless skin and corrects any imperfections. Lastly its a great match for me and the range comes in loads of different ranges so there is something for everyone and its great at keeping makeup in place. I truly love this powder and I think I will continue to buy it until I find something better. 

So there you have it my repurchase worthy beauty products. Let me know in the comments what you buy over and over again and of course if you have any dupes for these products, be sure to let me know. I do love a dupe. 

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