The Hotshop Lipsticks: Born Pretty Makeup

The Hotshop Lipsticks: Born Pretty Makeup
The Hotshop Lipsticks: Born Pretty Makeup

You all know I am obsessed with lipsticks. I think I have made that pretty clear haha. So when I was contacted by Born Pretty Makeup asking to test out some of their products I was all over it. The site is american based that stocks affordable makeup, nail products, clothing and even jewellery and all I am saying is that these lipsticks I have chosen are defiantly up there with some of my high-end ones. 

Now I will point out to all the UK and Irish readers, these are literally a dupe for the Topshop famous lipsticks, same packaging, similar shades however they are a much nicer formula. I have two topshop lipsticks and I find they quite drying where these ones are a lot creamier and easier to wear if you suffer with drier lips. 

The Lipsticks are called Velvet Finish Moisturising Lipsticks and they come in 15 shades ranging from nude to bright and I have the shades 2 & 4. First up is shade 2 is a bright almost neon pink that looks very striking on the lips. Its defiantly one that you can imagine wearing sipping a cocktail on a beach somewhere in Spain. Its just so pretty. The other shade I have in number 4, this is a coral, almost orange shade that gives you that Hollywood look but more summery Hollywood if that make sense. Its a head turner as its very bright and makes the lips look plumper and very chic. 
The Hotshop Lipsticks: Born Pretty Makeup
The quality of these lipsticks are very good. The pigmentation is there, the texture is amazing, they are creamy, glide on the lips like a breeze and stay around for a good amount of time. They don't have a nasty smell or taste and they feel really nice and comfortable on the lips. What I love the most about them is the fact they work great with dry lips as the formula is so moisturising. 

Overall I am seriously impressed with these lipsticks. From the pigmentation to the staying power and the way they feel on the lips they are defiantly winners in my eyes. I can't recommend them enough. 

*I also have a 10% discount for Born Pretty Makeup website. I highly recommend checking them out. Use code IEH10 at the checkout to qualify for 10% off your order. 

*Gifted PR Sample

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