New Beauty Releases

I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets excited about new products being released. I have gathered some makeup and beauty items to show you today that I think we all should be getting excited about. 

First in is from Chanel, to go along with the Rouge Allure lipstick, which is a lipstick made for James Bond with its clever push up release (which never gets old) Chanel have released Rouge Allure Gloss. I have seen these in a few bloggers posts and they look super pigmented and the colour range is amazing. Not sure how they are on the sticky scale but if they are anything like the lipsticks than they will be worth the price tag. They are due to be released in October so keep your eyes peeled. I want one for packing alone...what can I say I'm a packaging nerd! 

Next is possibly the most prettiest palette I have seen from Urban Decay in a long time. UD Vice 3 is a palette full of wearable shades from browns, taupe, purple and some amazing cranberry shades. I think this vice palette seems to be a little more up people's street instead of the last two. Way more everyday shades and as we all know UD eyeshadows speak for themselves in terms of quality. 

I suppose to apply all the new makeup we need some more brushes from Real Techniques, this time its Nic's Pics which comes with 3 set exclusives and a swanky silver handle. I'm sold straight away. I love RT brushes and cannot wait to add this one to my collection. One thing I will say is that brush second from the left is meant to be a new brush but it looks so similar to the multi purpose brush. Anyone else agree? 

Lastly, Mac lovers grab your wallets because they are releasing a Rocky Horror Show Collection for Halloween, now I cannot explain how excited I am for this one, being a fan of the film and the uniqueness of the film I cannot wait to see this collection and from the look of those nail polishes I'm going to want it all. The collection consits of 4 lipsticks, eyeshadow palette, nail polish, lashes, glitter dust, pigments, blush/highlight, greasepaint sticks, eyeliner, lipliner and a blush. Our banks will hate us! Lets just hope its more available then the Simpsons Collection...I'm still bitter about not being able to get my Marge Simpson Blush. 

So there are the releases I think will have everyone talking this Autumn. Anything here tickle your pickle?

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