DreamDots For Spots

DreamDots For Spots

Dreamdots* is an Irish company that has released a brand new product that claims to get rid of those pesky spots while you sleep. A small patch that is placed over the blemish and contains spot fighting ingredients that help cure the blemish naturally without any harsh chemicals. So are they any good?
DreamDots For Spots
I suffer with acne, so I was super excited to try this brand. At the time I received them I was having a major breakout so I couldn't wait to pop the patches all over my blemishes. The patches themselves are really comfortable to wear and easy to apply. You basically peel back one side pop over the blemish and then peel off the other side, in fact it couldn't be easier and they stay on no matter how much you fidget in bed (insert dirty joke)

So now we have established what they are I will tell you how I got on with them. I found on the smaller spots they seemed to disappear overnight or at least seemed to look less visible. They defiantly got rid of the redness. However for the bigger spots I found I had to wear them over a 3 night period and even then they weren't completely gone. In fact on those huge spots I found it downsized them a little but didn't cure them. Now this could be just my skin as I do suffer with acne. So I let my mum try them out and she loved them, literally comes running into my room now everytime she gets a blemish asking for the miracle patch. 

So I think these patches will work for people who just suffer from the odd spot, however people who actually break out all the time (me....cue the violin) they might not work as well. Now I won't say they aren't good because they really do work but for those bigger nasty spots caused my hormones etc they take longer to cure and even then they just take away the pain rather than the spot itself.  

So overall I am only really recommending to people who get the odd breakout and not people with acne as I think you will just be going through them like there is no tomorrow. 

Retail price is €14.99

*Gifted Pr Item 

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