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So here we are again with another brow gel, I swear everyone is releasing these. I was in town 2 weeks ago and spotted this one from Rimmel called Brow This Way. I picked it up for €3.99 on offer and thought I would give it a whirl. Now im sure i'm not the only one who was left disappointed with the Maybelline Brow Drama, it was just crusty brows in a tube lets be honest. So I was a little hesitate to try this one but all in the name for blogging...thats what I tell myself.

drugstore brow gel
drugstore brow gel

The colour I picked up was dark brown, there are three shades to choose from the second shade was a little too light so I opted for the darkest shade. Overall its a good colour match for me as its not too dark. Moving onto the brush which is very similar to Benefits Gimme Brow but a little bigger and this is where I think it could have been a top notch product if the brush was a little smaller. I find you get way too much product on the brush which in a way its good as you know its not a drying formula etc but you can easily over apply it and end up looking very dodgy in no time. I find myself scrapping the brush off the sides a lot and then having to run through my brows with a separate spooly, which nobody got time for that. 

Other than the brush picking up too much product, its a nice formula to work with as it doesn't set to quickly, it not too wet either. I also love the way it dries. Like I mentioned with the Maybelline one that seemed to dry crusty but this one sets and leaves the brows soft but in place. 

Again the colour range is limited and I didn't swatch the blonde shade to tell you anything about it but I can tell you this. If your looking for a cheap but good quality brow product or even a dupe for the Benefit Gimme Brow then this one is for you. Its easy to work with, good colour pay off, fills in the gaps and sets the brows in place without feeling stiff or crusty. So Rimmel you get the thumbs up from me (but maybe make the brush smaller). 

Have you tried this yet? Would it interest you? 

Rimmel Brow This Way Retails for €5.19 / £3.99

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