I think I said in my last boots haul that it was my last one for a very long time, but you know those moments when you come in from work and just feel like having a little splurge to cheer yourself up? Well I had one of those moments last week... what can I say I have very little self control, if any that is.
So first off I picked up a hair colour as my roots are drastic at the moment so I picked up the same one I used last time as it didn't dry my ends out as I find most colours do. The one I got is Schwarkopf Colour Mask In Golden Brown. I also picked one up for my mum but she had a different shade. As it was 3 for 2 on haircare, I picked up a heat and colour protector  from Charles Worthington so we shall see how that goes. Onto the boring stuff I picked up two packs of the big cotton pads as I ran out about 2 weeks ago. I way prefer these over the small round ones. These were on buy one get one half price. I also picked up some Yes To Blueberries face wipes for my mum for her holiday, she is a face wipe makeup remover (that makes me cringe) so I got her these to try them out. I have heard good things. 

Moving onto more exciting things...makeup. I actually didn't see a lot of things I wanted so I just picked up some products I had been eyeing for a few weeks. First off it was buy one get one half price on Bourjois so I picked up the 1 second mascara in waterproof as my mascara was all dried up I needed a new one. I then picked up Bourjois Bronzer & Highlighter. I have never tried the chocolate bronzer so I am excited to give it a go plus the highlighter is really pretty. Although I'm not a fan of theirs I did buy the Little Mix palette from Collection. I have seen a few posts and videos about this one so I wanted to give it a go I mean for only €4 you can't really go wrong. Lastly I couldn't leave the site without buying a lip product. I opted for the Barry M Cor Balmy In Jam Jar which is a highly pigmented lip balm. I actually really like this so expect a review soon. 

That is all I picked up, I really do not like the Ireland Boots site it never has the latest products and always crashes but being so far from a boots results in me using it and losing my temper but all in the name of beauty eh? 

What have you bought lately? Have you tried any of these products?