Easy: Burned Zombie Style Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Easy: Burned Zombie Style Halloween Makeup Tutorial
Its that time of the year again where we all try to make ourselves scary. I personally love it although I never dress up or go to any fancy parties but I do love to try out different look. As a huge walking dead fan, I thought why not do a Walking dead zombie effect but because I am working with a tight budget I decided on a burned zombie style makeup look and this is super easy to do.
So you will need the following: 
*Liquid Latex (got mine on ebay for around €2)
*Black Eyeshadow
*Red Lipstick (or fake blood)
*Different makeup brushes

Easy: Burned Zombie Style Halloween Makeup Tutorial
Step 1: Apply the latex in layers to the skin, I placed it anywhere. I applied 3 layers and let it dry completely between layers. 

Step 2:  Take a tweezers and pull holes in the latex, then fill the holes in with red lipstick. you can use fake blood but I find it stains the skin so much its annoying to remove. 

Step 3: Place black eyeshadow around the corners of the holes you created this gives it a more 3 dimensional look. 

Step 4. Place the black eyeshadow on a powder brush and apply it all over the face, then place red lipstick under the eyes and blend out and just keep messing with it until it you are happy with it. 

That is pretty much it, told you it was simple and anyone could do it. Its also super budget friendly and won't take you hours to do.  A little tip if you are wearing this an outfit apply black and red down the neck top even everything out. It will look better. Have a fun Halloween!

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