New Beauty Bits

New Beauty Bits

You guessed it..... I went shopping again. In my defence I was on holiday and I was in Cardiff so technically it was all beyond my control. I thought I would show you some of the bits I picked up. I will be doing full reviews of all the products shortly but here is a little mini review style post.
New Beauty Bits
First off I picked up another Primark nail polish, this one is a insanely bright pink shade that I only wished I discovered in the summer months its so bright...I'm going to die. I then popped into the new Superdrug Beauty store which I wasn't hugely impressed with it, I mean its a lovely layout but they lack a lot of the usual brands. Also almost every product was a tester...seriously gross. I did pick up this gorgeous Essie set for £12.99. The set contains two beautiful autumn shades Bahama Mama and Chincilly. Its perfect. I then picked up a Revlon lipstick in Wild Orchid which was a mistake I wanted to buy Berry Couture, but like I said the shop is all over the shop so I picked up the wrong one. Wild Orchid is a metallic raspberry pink I am not too fond of it. Its very 80's. I did however pick up Berry Couture the next day so all was well. Berry couture is a muted berry shade its so pretty. I then picked up Maybelline Colour Drama Velvet Intense Lip Crayon in Minimalist. This is a pretty simple pink however I discovered the next day it contains another product I was a little disappointed with. Lastly from Superdrug I picked up A Model Recommends Dry Shampoo. I was so excited to try this out and thankfully it was a success as its a awesome product, more on that soon. 

Then as I passed through Boots to get a drink, I picked up the Seventeen contour kit, I got the shade fair and I have been loving it to far, I haven't tried it enough to form an opinion yet. Lastly when you thought the shopping was all over I went shopping on the ferry back to Ireland and I picked up this insanely amazing bargain of a mere £20 for 6 Benefit blushes. Can I get a Bargain Alert Alarm! This is part of Benfit's Christmas collection and I will do a full post on it soon. 

So that is what I picked up while I was in Wales. I think I did rather well. I mean I could have gone crazy and I didn't even step foot in a department store. I am proud haha. 

What have you bought lately? 

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