Soap and Glory Archery- 2 in 1 Brow Filling Pencil & Brush

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I am back after my week off blogging. Today I am bringing you another brow product review...I think I have become obsessed with finding the perfect brow product. Little background on this one, I was in boots browsing the shelf's as you do and I came across the new and improved Brow Archery. Now before I was never interested in this product from soap and glory as I never liked the idea of a felt tip pen for the brows but after seeing the new improved product which resembled Anastasia Brow Whiz, I threw it into the basket without hesitation.

Anastasia brow whiz dupe
Soap and Glory Archery now comes with a super fine nibbed pencil and on the other end a spooley. The shade I have is Hot Chocolate and this is probably the perfect shade for me. There are 3 shades in the collection so there isn't a whole lot of options but I think the shades are very universal so hopefully there is something there for everyone. Now the main reason I love this product is because of the pen nib. It is so super fine that you are able to draw brush like hairs on the brows giving you the prefect result. Also it applies product exactly where you need it. I don't find the need to fill my brows in completely but just on those sparse areas.  Another reason why I love it is because it  contains a spooly and this maybe one of those little things in life moment, but having a spooley at hand every morning doing your brows is the best thing possible. 

The product itself stays put all day, is easy to use, goes on smoothly without having to drag the eyebrow and is affordable. So with all those positive vibes I think soap and glory made the right choice in replacing the original brow archery with the new one. I think people will favour it more and I think it is in fact the best dupe for the famous Anastasia Brow whiz as the two are practically identical. 

Have you tried this from Soap & Glory yet? Did you like the original version?

Retail prices : €10.99  / £8

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