The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil

a cleansing oil for makeup removing

I put off buying this for a long time but I finally gave in and purchased it and haven't looked back since. I never really shop in the Body Shop any more as its rather expensive but I kept seeing raves reviews about this cleansing oil that made my compulsive side want it even more.
The Camomile Cleansing Oil is probably one of the best makeup removers I have tried to date. It literally is the easiest product to use after a long day when you really can't be arsed to remove the makeup. Lets be honest we have all had times when we let the thought of sleeping in our makeup creep into our minds. I have had that thought way too often but since buying this product it hasn't even crossed my beauty obsessive mind. 

The product itself is a rather pleasant smelling oil that you pop onto dry skin and massage in.Once on I usually leave for a few seconds to let it melt down all the makeup including waterproof mascara which is no contender for it. I then take a wet cloth or sometimes my hands depending on my mood and remove the makeup and cleanser. Now I suffer with oily skin and I always thought adding oil to oily skin is a real no goer but I was so surprised that it left my skin super soft and had no sign of excess oil or production of excess oil the next morning. So people with Oily skin don't be afraid to try. I have to say I was super impressed with how squeaky clean my skin feels after using this as it removes every single trace of makeup and like I said it even melts away tough waterproof mascara without irritating my eyes. 

Overall I think this will be one of those products that I will buy over and over until something else impresses me more. Its easy to use, quick and leaves the skin super soft and 100% makeup free. I simply love it and urge you all to give it a shot. 

Have you tried this cleansing oil yet? 

Retail prices: €17.50 / £10

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