Ziaja Manuka Tree Range

I am getting a little addicted to skincare lately I love trying out new products and recently I have been road testing a new range from Ziaja called the Manuka Tree Range. This range is especially for oily/combination skin so I knew it was right up my street.
First up the range consists of 5 products from cleansers to night cream. There is something here for everyone. First product I tried was the Deep Cleansing Peeling Paste. First off it's not a peeling product, I got a little too excited when I saw this thinking I could peel the product off. Anyone else love the feeling??? Maybe just me, anyways the product itself is exfoliant paste that helps reduce imperfections and prevent blackheads from forming. It also prepares the face for any further cosmetic treatments such as a face mask or even a facial. To use you simply damp the face and massage in. As a exfoliant it does contain little micro beads that breakdown once massaged. However they didn't irritate me and I have severe sensitive skin. After using this product my skin was super soft and looked a whole lot clearer. I'm not talking it got rid of my acne, but it made my complexion look brighter and radiant. So I really like this product. Again as it is an exfoliant I would only recommend using twice a week if your skin gets irritated easily.

Next product was a exfoliating night cream. Even though branded as an exfoliant cream it doesn't contain any micro beads, it's more of a chemical exfoliant that goes to work overnight. I apply this every night before bed and my skin is a lot brighter in the morning. The texture is just like a night cream so your skin feels lovely and hydrated after a cold long day. Even though it is a cream, it never left my skin oily, usually I advoid creams at night time due to extra oil formation but this product wasn't a problem.

So overall I really liked this range from Ziaja, I actually really was impressed with the other stuff I tried from them so I think they are a brand worth testing out and let's not forget they are super affordable which is always a plus.

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