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budget dry shampoo
I was super excited to try out the dry shampoo from Ruth Crilly - A Model Recommends. I am a bit of a dry shampoo aholic. I love trying new ones and finding the next best thing. While I was in Cardiff recently I picked up a bottle to give it a whirl and to let you all know weather this is something worth spending your cash on.
budget dry shampoo from drugstore
First off there are 5 scents, each are different and the bottles come in 50ml which retail for £2 /€2.60 and 100ml for £3.50/ €4.55 so for this is kinda of a budget buy depending on how much you like to spend on dry shampoo. Like I mentioned there are 5 scents and they are named after different cities. I went for the London scent as it was the freshest one and reminded me of a expensive salon product kinda of smell, which is nice. One thing to mention before I talk about the actual product is the packaging, its very sleek, looks expensive and the bottle feels very strange but satisfying, if that makes any sense.

The product claims to be sheer invisible, so you don't get that horrid dreaded 'I've stuck my head in the attic' look to your hair after use. I can tell you that statement is 100% true. This doesn't leave you with any white residue at all and simply just absorbs all the excess oils in the hair while leaving it looking clean and fresh. It even feels good on the hair, sometimes dry shampoos leave the hair sticky or tacky but this just leaves it feeling soft and normal like you have nothing on the hair. It also works well as a product to inject some body into the hair so if that's what you look for in a dry shampoo you will love this one.

In my opinion I think this is worth checking out, there are a lot of dry shampoos out these days and people have personal preference, like I hate Batiste and others swear by it, however if I'm honest this is probably one of the best ones I have used in a while and I thought I found my holy grail one not so long ago but this one seems to have taken its place. It works really well for my oily hair and I even find it still being clean the day after. Its a defiante winner. 

COLAB Dry Shampoo can be purchased from Superdrug or for all you international readers it can be bought from Feel Unique

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