Holidays Wishlist 2014

Holidays Wishlist 2014

Can you believe its that time of the year again. I don't think it matters how old you get we all have wishlists that we would love to find under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. This year is no exception so here is mine.
Firstly I have always wanted a Kitchen Aid, but they are so bloody expensive so this one really is a wishlist material item. I want either a bright pink or mint green one, plus it will come in handy when I start my new cake business. Next I am a stationary nerd, I cannot get enough of it, so while browsing marks and spencers for bras, I noticed this Diary. How cute and chic is it, it has such a Kate Spade feel to it. Its a must I think. 

Ok so I never straighten my hair so the next one is a total gimmick moment but I walked past Peter Marks the other week and noticed the GHD Rose Gold range and I swear to Jesus above this is so sexy. I cannot even explain why a straightener would be sexy but this one is....amazeballs! Obviously a year wouldn't pass without getting the latest Family Guy Box set even though I watched them all online. I could seriously watch them over and over and still laugh...yes I know I'm sad. 

Last two items are a result of checking out Space NK while in work, note to self don't do this again. Nars have a holiday collection out and part of it is a lip pencil set, now you know I am a lip whore so this....THIS I need in my life. Oh Hourglass how you are so gorgeous but so expensive. However this palette is good value, 3 blushes for £55 not too shabby....Swoon!

So there is my wishlist, just for a bit of fun I suppose. Comment below and tell me what you would love to open this Christmas. Also its Dexter's first Christmas (he is my dog, not my baby...I'm a sad dog lady) so I am super excited to dress him up and buy him presents, little secret he has a doggy stocking. 

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