New In: Eylure Brow Revolution

drugstore brow products

drugstore brow products

Eyebrow addicts! Eylure have released a whole new line of brow products * to get your brow game on! They have 10 products in the range and I have been given 5 of them to play around with and here is the lowdown.

First off we have the Brow Pencil €6.99, this is a waterproof kohl pencil that comes in 4 shades. The pencil itself glides on easily without having to drag on the eyebrow and gives a natural look to the brow. It also comes with a brush on the end to get your brows in shape. 

Then we have the Brow Tame & Define Wax €8.49 this is a clear wax crayon that you apply over the brow to keep the hairs in place and the product is enriched with rosemary oil that helps encourage healthy hair growth. This product is good for unruly brows. 

Moving onto the Brow Palette €12.99 which consists of a wax, powder and a highlighter. One thing I noticed about this is to avoid the brush in this set, its pretty useless. However the product itself is a good product to have. You apply the powder to add colour, top it off with the wax to keep the brows in place and then pop the highlighter under the brows to give you that Hollywood look. It also comes with a mirror so is great for travel. 

The Brow Control & Shape Gel €7.99 is my fave. I am always looking for a good clear gel for the brows and this one I love. It disrupts the right amount of product without the brows going to hard. It is a clear gel so one shade suits all. 

Another winner is the Brow Shaper Removal Strips €3.49, these are great if you get a mono brow or get those fine hairs above the eyebrows. They don't work too well on courser hairs but they work well on fine hair. However I did use them on my fine haired moustache (we all have one) and they worked really well. Perfect product for people afraid of waxing out all those fine haired hairs that annoy us all. 

I think Eylure have a great little selection here for all your brow needs. They are really affordable and the shade range is pretty great. Products come in Blonde, Mid Brown, Dark Brown & Black. They are available nationwide now from selected stockists and are also available in the UK. I did actually see them in Superdrug if you are on the look out for any of these products.

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