NYX Butter Glosses...Yay Or Nay???

NYX Butter Glosses

As you all probably know by now I hate the sight of lipgloss. So when NYX cosmetics hit Ireland I was a little sceptical about the Butter Glosses. However I did cave in and end up buying some to see what the fuss was all about.
NYX Butter Glosses
lipglosses from NYX
L-R.  Tiramisu, Apple Strudel, Peaches & Cream

I think I'll start with telling you about the texture of these. They do apply like a lipgloss, but a rather thick lip gloss. ''Oh its thick so its gloppy and gross'' you might be thinking....well here is the thing, its the quite the opposite of that. Its a buttery feeling that you are left with on the lips after applying these. Yes they do have some sort of stick to them, but they feel so comfortable on the lips that you wouldn't even know it was lipgloss. So overall as far as lipgloss goes they aren't sticky and they are super comfortable to wear..so the next big question, are they any good? 

Well put it this way if someone asked me ''what do you recommend from NYX'' I would 100% say the butter glosses. I hate to say it but I think these are the lipglosses that have made me fall in love with gloss again. In one word the NYX Butter Glosses are amazing. They last a good while, the are easy and comfortable to wear  and the colour range is amazing and I simply love them. 

Now the shades I have are Tiramisu which is a brown nude shade, I have to say I think everyone should own this shade its my ultimate fave. Its the perfect nude and paired with a smokey brown eye is just pure perfection. Next is Apple Strudel. This shade I wasn't so keen on, it seemed to wash me out a little so maybe it would look better on other skin tones. Lastly is Peaches & Cream, again its love with this one, this is my latest addition and its like Barbie pink but a subtle Barbie pink if that makes sense. I currently have my eye on Creme Brulee but its always sold out. 

So overall I 1000 percent recommend trying NYX Butter glosses, even if you are a lipgloss hater, I have a feeling these will change your mind. 

NYX Butter Glosses retail for €6.49, £5.00, $4.99

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