NYX 'Love In' Palettes

NYX 'Love In' Palettes
NYX is a whole new brand to me and I have been road testing some of their products lately. Today I have 2 of their 'In Love' palettes to show you so lets begin. First off we have to talk packaging, you know I am obsessed with packaging. The shadows come in this cute dainty looking palette with a freakin bow that clasps open and shut...how adorable. The palette itself is sturdy so overall in the packaging department its a thumbs up.
NYX 'Love In' Palettes

NYX 'Love In' Palettes Swatches
R-L: Love in Paris, Love In Florence

Now onto the product itself. 'Love In Paris' comes with 9 shadows ranging from creams, browns, purples and the odd green thrown in at the end. This is a perfect little palette to create a day and nightime look. The quality of the shadows are great, the first shadow however is a little chalky but the rest are good. They are very pigmented and last a decent amount of time on the eye which can be prolonged with the use of a primer. 'Love In Florence' comes with 5 shadows this is a little different from the previous palette. It comes with 3 square sized shadows are 2 thin rectangular shadows, which sometimes can be annoying to fit your brush in. This palette comes with more matte shades and a bloody gorgeous metallic green that will have you standing out in no time. I actually prefer this palette over the Paris one as I love the combination of colours, again pigmentation is great and longevity is reasonable. The majority of the shadows in both palettes are creamy and buttery with the exception of one or two that are very chalky. 

Overall, they are nice palettes to have in your collection but not something I would recommend to rush out and buy, they didn't blow me away, don't get me wrong I liked them but didn't love them. However if I had to recommend just one it would be 'Love In Florence' as I love the shade selection and you can never have enough matte shades.

Have you tried these 'Love In' Palettes?

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