Tips for blogging while on a spending ban

Tips for blogging while on a spending ban
Spending Ban!!! Two words a blogger never wants to hear, let's be honest but there comes a time in your beauty fanatic life when you realise you have too much beauty products and you spend a good chunk of your money in drugstores, department stores or online beauty shops. I am a major culprit of this and have put myself on numerous amounts of spending bans over the last two year and I have failed some but I have survived 2 haha. So here are some tips if you are a blogger who is trying to save a few pounds but still need to produce new content

Tips for blogging while on a spending ban.First off the key to survive this is organisation and motivation. So first add up all the money you are going to be saving. Take a calculator if you can't add in your head (maybe I'm the only one who hates numbers) and write down your weekly income and then add it all up for the month, take away any known bills you know you will have and see what your left with. This is the amount of money you probably would have spent in Boots on a Saturday afternoon. Shocking isn't it?

Next you need to plan all your posts. Grab a notepad or a piece of paper. I prefer to use a notepad that I have set aside for blogging. Then write down all the products you currently have and could review. Then on the other page think of posts that you can do that include the products you have but aren't necessary review style post. Posts like top 5 nude palettes, bronzers for pale skin, foundations you simply must own etc.

Other options are blogging about your spending ban, people love to see how you are getting on. You be surprised how many people I see on twitter saying they are on a ban. Share your experience and make new friends. You could also collab with other bloggers, do DIY posts, lifestyle posts, blogger tag posts the choice is endless.

You don't need to spend loads to run a beauty blog. I know there is this mis conception that you need money and free gifts to be a successful blogger but it's not true. While on the topic of free gifts, pop into your local department store and ask for free samples, that way you are reviewing the latest products without spending a penny. There is a ways and means for everything.

So there is a little post on how to blog whilst on a spending ban and on a budget in general. Hope this helped and if you have any ideas of posts people can do without spending money leave it in the comments.

In case you were wondering the notepad and calculator are from an Irish site called it's a really great site for all things stationary and this notepad is literally the snazziest notepad I've ever seen, highly recommend it to any blogger or stationary lover. You could probably pick it up on amazon as well for any international readers.

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