Weekend Pamper Routine

Weekends are made for pampering! I love to spend my Sunday nights with a face mask on and freshly painted nails. So here are my go to weekend pamper products that I use to get me looking my best for the coming week.

First off even though I don't wear makeup on a Sunday unless I am going somewhere I usually cleanse my skin to remove any traces of makeup and dirt. I am using the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser at the moment and I will do a full review on it soon, but in brief, it cleanses the skin, removes everything from the skin and leaves it super soft and clean looking. Another cleanser I really like is Ren Clearcalm Clay Cleanser. This is perfect for sensitive acne prone skin types. Then I light a candle and pop on a facemask, depending on the state of my skin that week I will either use Ren Clearcalm Clarity Clay Mask which is perfect if your skin is acting up and you don't want it to react to any product. Or I will use Origins Clear Improvement which is a perfect mask to pull out all the dirt from your pores which can lead to further breakouts. Now while I sit there with my face mask I do like to pop on some music and my music of choice is Taylor Swift 1989 album....literally the perfect album. 

After my face mask, I like to take it one step further. I don't always do this but sometimes I use my Clarisonic to give my face a deep cleanse. I use the Cashmere Cleanse head as it super gentle on my skin and does not cause any breakouts or irritation. Then after all that I pop on some acne scar treatment and netflix binge while I paint my nails. I have been obsessed with Essie Chinchilly lately and to secure and lock all that polish in place I use Jessica High Gloss Shine top coat. Sunday nights are also usually shave the legs nights but maybe that's TMI. 

What do you use over the weekend? Do you love pamper nights? 

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