Formula X Polishes

Formula X Polishes

While I was in Barcelona earlier this year I picked up the famous Formula X polishes, I literally could not wait to get my hands on them to see what all the fuss and hype was about. I picked up two shades first shade is a pretty pink and the other is a glitter shade that I'm not 100% why I bought it as I'm not a huge glitter polish wearer but c'mon look how awesome it looks in the bottle.
swatches of formula x polishes
First off we shall talk about the pink shade 'Unstoppable. I actually picked this one up by mistake I really wanted Exclamation and with the all the excitement of being in a Sephora and being on a early morning flight I bought the wrong one. Unstoppable is a bubblegum pink and I like it but I do have a major concern with it and that is it takes around 4 coats to look opaque which lets face it isn't good for the price. Other than that flaw it lasted around 7 days on my nails before my first chip appeared and I have to say that is pretty darn impressive. Probably one of the longest wearing polishes I have ever worn. The formula is strange it kinda hardens the nails and feels like its glued onto the nails, however it feels it lasts and that is what everyone says about them so they lived up to that. 

Now we have the not so great shade Outburst. This looks pretty great in the bottle right and yes it looks lovely on the nails after a base coat of a matching shade and around 4 layers of glitter....ain't nobody got time for that. This I do regret buying as I just can't be bothered to sit around layering glitter on my nails to get a full effect. It did last on the nails not as long as the pink shade but it lasted past 4-5 days. 

So my overall thoughts are this. If I was in Sephora again and I had the stand of Formula x polishes in front of me I would avoid the glitters and keep with just the normal shades. I would also research the shades just to see how people say they apply and I would not pick up the wrong shade haha

Have your tried these polishes? 

Formula x polishes retail from $10.50 / €12.90

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