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Wow, how is this year over already???? Crazy! 2014 hasn't been the best year I will admit, a lot of shitty stuff has happened but under all that crappy stuff there were some highlights and I think focusing on the positive things of the year are better than dwelling on the negative things. So here are my top moments and here is to a year of fantastic memories for all of us in 2015.

Of course the biggest highlight of the year was getting Dexter. We always knew we would get a buddy for Kenzie to play with and when the opportunity came along to have his actual brother we jumped at the chance and it was the best thing we ever did. Dexter is one of the most loving dogs I have ever known, he is so caring, affectionate and loves to cause trouble. There is never a dull moment with him around and Kenzie adores him, even though he probably wouldn't admit that.
Next was the Kings Of Leon concert in Marlay Park. Hands down the best concert I have ever been to. I have wanted to see KOL live for years and when they announced an Ireland date I was on it like a car bonnet. These guys seriously rocked the park and even though it didn't stop raining it was an amazing night. Also lead singer is a total babe. I also recently saw Passenger in the 3Arena (pics came out crap ) and this was my second time seeing him and he was even better this time around if he could even top his first concert. He is amazing and a truly talented artist. Highly recommend both bands live.

Ah I wish I was back there. My mum and I flew off to Barcelona this summer and it was amazing, a total girly holiday that included a lot of shopping and a lot of cocktails. Barcelona is one of my favourite European cities. Its got the shops, the sightseeing and the best steak I have ever tried haha. This was my second time in Barcleona and I fell in love with the place all over again. I took away so many amazing memories and even though I gained 7 on the sole blisters (oh the pain) it was a great holiday.

Next came going to Wales for my nans 70th and cousins 17th. It was a great little weekend where I got to shop in Cardiff with my bestie Jess from Lovely Jubbly Blog and got to see all my family. I made a Walking dead cake for my cousins birthday and he loved it. I also made a cake for my nan with a horrendous picture on top...she saw the funny side though. It was great to see all the family again and catch up with Jess and it made the evil, rough as f**k boat journey home all worth it.

All my dreams came true this year when I got tickets for Fleetwood Mac, words cannot even describe how happy I was. I tried to get Dublin tickets but they sold out within minutes then they added extra London dates and I thought why not, so I treated myself and my dad to tickets for the London show so all I can say is bring on 2015...cannot wait. Best band ever. I didn't however get tickets for Taylor Swift which made me sad but I can catch her again.

Obviously can't do a best moments post without mentioning my favourite show ever. Yes Sons Of Anarchy came to an end this year and boy I am still an emotional wreck after that finale, actually I'm still not right after season 6 finale. I literally love this show, everything about it and of course Jax Teller's arse. After 7 amazing seasons SOA called it a day and I do feel it was a good decision to end the show before it got stale but I will miss the hell out it. Each episode has you waiting for the next, all I can say is Kurt Sutter you are a genius.  

So there are my favourite moments from 2014. Lets hope 2015 brings even more amazing memories and let me know what the highlights of the year have been for you. 

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