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I was never really a big fan of Mac until the last year or two. I do still think it has its hit and misses products but there are some pretty darn awesome products that I feel you should add to your wishlist for the next time you pass a Mac store.
First of is lipsticks, while people probably have a million different preferences I only have two. Personally I feel Mac lipsticks are a little over priced but I think its nice to splurge now and then and for that I suggest Syrup which is a muted mauve shade with a glossy finish and Patisserie the perfect pink brown nude, both perfect everyday lipsticks and both Lustre (formula) so super nourishing. 

Next I highly recommend the MSF in Natural. This is one of my all time favourite powders. It leaves the skin super flawless and keeps the oil at bay while still looking 100% natural ...pretty much the perfect setting powder. As you can see from the picture I am in need of a new one soon. Talking of powder have you ever found yourself in that situation where you have over powdered and look almost cake like?? Well the Fix Plus setting spray will fix that right up. This is my ultimate product that I use pretty much everyday as I love the effect it leaves on my skin. It adds this luminosity to the skin that is so pretty. I won't say this is a pro longing setting spray but it does do an excellent job of keeping the skin looking healthy and glowing. 

Another product that keeps you glowing is the MSF In Soft & Gentle. This is one of my first ever highlighters I bought. Its a real beaut and leaves the cheeks glowing from within. It isn't necessary a discrete highlighter but it is a winner. The gold reflects are just gorgeous. Lastly what would a must have Mac products post be without eyeshadows. Some of my faves are All That Glitters-a frosted gold champange shade, Omega- a warm taupe matte shade that is perfect for blending.  Then we have Woodwinked- a warm gold bronze shade perfect for creating a one shadow look and of course Satin Taupe- a warm dark taupe shade which can look purple or grey depending on what its paired with...its pretty special. 

So there are my top must have Mac products. I tried a few of their foundations and have broken out so I never went back and I have only ever tried two of their blushes so let me know what your faves are and leave your recommendations below. 

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