New Years Eve Nails & NYE Wishes

New Years Eve Nails

Who can believe its New Years really is crazy how quick the year goes. I am staying in tonight but I had to do my nails to get myself into the feel of NYE and of course NYE wouldn't be a party without glitter. So I opted to use Formaul x Polish in Outburst which is a blue based glitter with gold and silver chunks of sparkle. I added a lancome shade underneath which I cannot find the name of but I reached for the nearest shade of blue I could find as I knew it would need a base coat to look good.
New Years Eve Nails
I also baked new years eve cupcakes as any excuse to make cakes I am on it. I am addicted to baking even though I can't eat half of it...stupid gluten. 

So I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a big Happy New Years. Thank you so much for all the support over the last year on this blog and my youtube channel. Reading comments and people sharing my posts and videos is what it's all about, knowing that someone is listening to you and you telling me I've influenced a purchase is so nice to hear...sounds cheesy but this blog is like my little baby. I've build it up over 4 years and I think 2014 was the year it started to grow properly. 

So here is to a great 2015 for all of us, I hope all your dreams come true and have a great night tonight and if your going out be safe and have a blast. See you all on Jan 5th for another year of blogging. 

I couldn't leave without including this picture I took while taking these nail pictures. Kenzie and Dexter are playing but it looks like Kenzie is going to eat funny.  

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