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must read beauty blogs and recommendations
There is nothing I enjoy more after a long day then to catch up on all my favourite blogs. Today I thought I would share some love and show you the blogs I like reading and maybe you will discover some new blogs to read and love them as much as me. So let's get cracking.
Makeup Monster: I absolutely adore this blog, with its honest reviews and a wide variety of post topics its a total bookmark worthy website. Run by the lovely Yavanna, this beauty blog offers reviews, beauty advice from other beauty bloggers and she also like to get you involved with posts like Readers Recommendations. This blog is a total gem and I will guarantee you will adding a lot of products to your wishlist after reading.  

Lovely Girlie Bits: This blog will leave you bankrupt, probably not a good thing but I literally love this site. Run by two sisters Karen & Joanne who by the way love to shop have this very witty style of writing which I personally love however they still deliver honest and accurate reviews. Great photography and amazing content this is a must read so grab your purses ladies because this blog will have you itching to hit the shops.

Viva Adonis:  I have mentioned this blog before but I had to throw it in this roundup as I visit this blog pretty much daily. Dee & SinĂ©ad have influenced pretty much 70% of my purchases, I only have to look at their posts and I am convinced I need what they are using. This blog offers honest and perfectly-written reviews and has such a professional feel to it. I highly recommend these girls. 

Gh0stparties: First things first this blog has the best photography, I am talking drool-worthy photography. I have followed Kate's blog for years and I am super addicted. This blog offers a range of  beauty, lifestyle and personally my favourite interior design, literally though Kate fly over to Ireland and decorate my house because you girl have great taste. With perfectly written posts with a touch of humour but still remaining professional this is a must read blog. 

So those are the blogs I love to unwind to. What blogs do you love reading? 

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