My Everyday Makeup Brushes

My Everyday Makeup Brushes

It struck me the other day that I pretty much use the same makeup brushes everyday and I have never really dedicated a post about them so I thought today is as good as any and why not let you in on the brushes that I use daily and love dearly. I wouldn't say I was a brush addict, if I find a good one I stick with it and don't feel the need to buy anymore, obviously being a makeup artist, I own a zillion (not a zillion but a fair few) but there are few in my everyday collection that I could not live without.
My Everyday Makeup Brushes Face

The Base: Ok so as you can see from the picture its really Real Techniques heavy but I do love them for their base brushes and being brushes that I have to wash weekly they wash so well and have lasted me a long time. Among the Real Techniques brushes is one lonely foundation brush from Nanshy, so lets take a look at them in depth.
  • Real Techniques Blush Brush: I adore this brush for bronzer, I have tried it for blush but found it too big and not that dense. I personally prefer it for bronzer as it gives a nice dusting of product without being over the top. 
  • Real Techniques Setting Brush: I use this brush mainly for concealer its fits nicely under the eyes and around the nose etc. Its just the right size for concealer. 
  • Real Techniques Powder Brush: Pretty self explanatory this is a huge powder brush which I use to pop powder down the t-zone etc. I think this would also make a great bronzer brush, but for me its the perfect powder brush. Its not that dense but dense enough to apply enough powder for my oily skin. 
  • Real Techniques Multi Use Brush: This is my blush brush, it picks up enough product to give you the perfect blushed cheeks I love this brush. Its dense but again not too dense to over apply product. I highly recommend this one. 
  • Nanshy Flawless Foundation FO1 Brush: I literally love this brush for foundation, its applies like a dream. Its very similar to the Sigma F80 brush but the hairs are a little longer and a lot more flexible, but just as dense. I personally find it blends better and buffs the product in more than the sigma one. This brush is also very affordable and comes in at under €14
My Everyday Makeup Brushes

The Eyes: Again very brand heavy this time Sigma. I love sigma brushes. I do own a few mac brushes in my kit but I like to keep them strictly for my kit as they are insanely pricey for a brush so I tried out Sigma eye brushes and loved them so here are my faves. 

  • Sigma E45 Small Tapered Blending Brush: I mainly use this brush to create cut creases or for crease work in general. I love how its small enough for detailed blending but big enough to blend a whole look together. 
  • Sigma E25: This is a Mac 217 brush and its kinda the same thing I do find the mac one slightly better if I'm honest but if your on a budget this does a great job. I use this for applying colour all over the lid and blending. 
  • Sigma E30 Pencil: Love this brush for applying shadow under the lower lashes and to smudge out liner on the top lash line. I think everyone should own a pencil brush. 
  • E05 Liner: My ultimate brush for winger liner, its stiff and gets the job done like a boss. 
  • Sigma E35: Again a great blending brush slightly longer than the E25 and so is great for ultimate blending. 
So there are my everyday brushes that I like to use. I did a post on a guide to Sigma Eye Brushes a while ago in case anyone is interested about getting them and you can get them from Cloud 10 Beauty, The Real Techniques brushes can be found on Cloud10 Beauty or your local Boots store

What brushes can you not live without? 

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