Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

mask for dry skin

I bought this way back last summer and had no idea I would love it that much that I would have to dedicate a whole post to it. The reason I say that is because I never really thought my skin was the dehydrating type, I thought it was 100% greasy but then Winter hit and oh boy did it dry up and this little beauty was my saviour.
You apply this mask last thing before you hop into bed. It's a clear consistency and it tends to just sink into the skin without leaving a residue so you are free to hit the pillow straight away. I have never tried a product like this. Your skin basically soaks up this mask overnight leaving you looking radiant and more plumper when you wake up. It's like a little miracle product. Like I mentioned my skin can get very dry over the winter months I wouldn't even say dry I would say it lacks serious moisture and gets tight and angry but this mask has been a life saver.

I usually apply this 2 times a week depending on how my skin is behaving and I simply adore it. One thing I do not like is the smell. I asked on twitter about it and I'm sure it's just me that hates the smell but I cannot quite put my finger on what it reminds me off but its gross. However, I don't let it stop me from using it. I think this product is great for anyone who suffers from dehydrated skin or is prone to dry patches on the skin, this will sort it right out. 

Although a little pricey for a mask I highly recommend it and I think it has become a skincare staple, well at least a winter one anyway, not sure how dry my skin will be come the summer months but for now it's love. 

Origins Drink Up Intensive retails for €30.50/£23 /$25 (oh how I hate euro)

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