Primark Makeup Brush Cleaner

Primark Makeup Brush Cleaner

Hey everyone today I have a little budget buy for you that I picked up a few weeks back. Primark /Pennys released a beauty range not too long ago and have bought out a few essential beauty products such as a nail polish remover pot which is a great dupe for the Bourjois one and now they have a makeup brush cleaner which means you can keep your brushes clean for a fraction of the cost.
Now I buy a lot of makeup brush cleaners as its handy to have in my kit and filming youtube tutorials means cleaning eyeshadow brushes like there is no tomorrow so having a brush cleaner for me is an essential. Now the Primark version is relatively cheap and I do like it but there are a few things I wasn't so keen on. We will start off with the pros: it cleans eyeshadow very well, it smells pleasant and leaves the brushes soft and brushes dry rather quickly after using it. Now onto the negative, it does not clean foundation at all, I was scrubbing for ages and nothing, all other brush cleaners I have used work great on spot cleaning foundation but this one is lacking in that department. Now I wouldn't let you turn you off it as it cleans powder products very well and if you are soly buying it for eyeshadow and blush etc then you will love it. However if you are buying to spot clean your foundation brush then you wont be left impressed. 

I think overall I will only use it for spot cleaning my eyeshadow brushes after makeup application and the odd powder product. I mean it was only €2.50 so it didn't break the bank but it never wowed me either. 

Have you tried this yet? What make brush cleaner do you use for spot cleaning?

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